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Hi, My name is Bev Boardman,  I have always had animals in my life since I can remember. I have had dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, budgies and fish to name a few.

Tellington TTouch

Si and I currently have two dogs, sadly we lost our Gem in February after spending almost 16 years with her. I have attended force free training schools for many years, I gained accredited handler status in Scentwork in 2014, trained Buzz my Springer x Brittany up to L2 Talking Dogs Rally gaining 5th place in the UK League for 2016 as well as in  2017 we achieved Intermediate level in Gundog training.

In July 2018 I became a Scentwork UK Level 1 Trainer after attending the required course.


I have attended numerous courses over the years to gather as much information as possible to make me a better trainer/guardian. There is nothing better than seeing a dog and their guardian enjoying themselves whilst progressing. 

After attending a two day intro into Tellington TTouch in 2015 and witnessing how it can make a difference to animals lives I decided to start Practitioner training, gaining my Practitioner 1 Status in October 2018.

I am proud that I am now officially a member of the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) after passing their assessment in February 2019.

About Si

Si with Gem beside one of Sensible Paws vehicles.

Hello, I'm Si Boardman

I have had animals in my life since a very young age, everything from farm live stock and wildlife to stick insects. I'm never happier than when in the company of animals. I always enjoyed gaining their trust and willing co-operation.


In recent years my interests have lain more in photographing wild animals and dog training. Bev and I have shared our home since 1984 with dogs, currently we have three spaniels "Gem, Buzz and Loki"

Our older girl, Gem, took me on a journey that resulted in me gaining Handler status in scentwork. She then went on to take part in scentwork competitions. I became a Scentwork UK level 1 trainer in July 2018 after attending the required training.

Spending some 1:1 time with Gem. Sitting enjoying each others company.

I attend many courses, seminars and presentations in order to add to my knowledge and experience, to enable me to make life better for animals.

In 2016 I started three years of training in Tellington Ttouch, gaining my Practitioner 1 qualification in October 2019.

 I am also a qualified Canine First aider.

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